Complete Home Practice Bundle: 6 Months of Yoga + Full Prop Set

Complete Home Practice Bundle: 6 Months of Yoga + Full Prop Set

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Californians, we are in this for the long haul! You won't be heading back into your local studio anytime soon, so join us for the next best thing. Set up your home space with this complete set of props AND 6 months of online yoga with our studio. 

After you make your purchase, we will contact you to set up your online account. Want to gift this item? We'll get you a beautiful gift card to provide your recipient.

The right props make a big difference. Take advantage of this opportunity to own:

  • 6 Months of Online Yoga. Value: $168
  • Two Manduka cork yoga blocks: Not all blocks are created equal. Cork is a durable, stable, and properly-weighted material for your yoga block. Orig: $20/each
  • Genuine Mexican yoga blanket: Originally purchased from a fair trade retailer, our yoga blankets are easy to pack, easy to wash, and can be used for nearly any imagined purpose. Perfect for a picnic on the beach or a yoga practice on the lawn. Orig: $20
  • Extra long yoga strap: A short yoga strap can never get longer. These long straps can be made to fit the exact size you need for your practice. Orig: $14
  • Lavender eye pillow: Because, who doesn't love a little weighted eye pillow at the end of class? Orig: $12

All of these props are USED and available at a discounted rate. They have been sanitized with EPA approved cleaners & untouched for 6 months. Value: $86.